DMCA Takedown Notice Sender

Find and remove illegal download links to your web items on sale

This tool is currently in developpement, and will soon include a DMCA Takedown Notice Sender.

Enter your sold item name in the search field below to find illegal links.

For more accuracy you can add other specific terms: hacked version number, author name, item number ...

All Done!

Soon coming

A Clean and Efficient tool to send your DMCA Takedown Notices

  • Manage your DMCA reports lists
  • Find each illegal download URL's' abuse emails (Registrant, owner, admin, tech, billing)
  • Check each illegal download URL server's response code
  • Send Email notifications directly on server or using your own Email client
  • Increment counter for each sended email/recipient
  • Add/Edit/Remove links from list
  • Manage links's status (Pending/Done)

Let me know when the DMCA Sender will be available